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The flogging proceeded in silence for ten strikes, and then Kirkland gave a screech like a wounded horse.

That was the last?” asked Frere.

A discussion had arisen amongst the mutineers as to the propriety of at once making sail, but Barker, who had been one of the pilot-boat crew, and knew the dangers of the Bar, vowed that he would not undertake to steer the brig through the Gates until morning; and so the boats being secured astern, a strict watch was set, lest the helpless Bates should attempt to rescue the vessel. During the evening — the excitement attendant upon the outbreak having passed away, and the magnitude of the task before them being more fully apparent to their minds — a feeling of pity for the unfortunate party on the mainland took possession of them. It was quite possible that the Osprey might be recaptured, in which case five useless murders would have been committed; and however callous in bloodshed were the majority of the ten, not one among them could contemplate in cold blood, without a twinge of remorse, the death of the harmless child of the Commandant.

Part 3 Chapter 27 The Valley of the Shadow of Death

The convicts — whose slice of fresh air was nearly eaten — turned with eagerness to watch this new source of amusement. Innocent laughter and childish prattle were strange to them. Some smiled, and nodded with interest in the varying fortunes of the game. One young lad could hardly restrain himself from applauding. It was as though, out of the sultry heat which brooded over the ship, a cool breeze had suddenly arisen.

You’ve been drinking too much, John. Now sit still and be good, while I go and get some money for you.”

Have you learned these texts, my man?” said he, cheerfully, willing not to be angered with his uncouth and unpromising convert.

Rufus Dawes had remained in the same attitude until the figure of Frere, passing through the doorway, roused him. Who is she?” he said, in a low, hoarse voice, to the constable behind him. Miss Vickers,” said the man shortly, flinging the information at him as one might fling a bone to a dangerous dog.


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