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He understood, of course, and said, "Ratter."

For the first time Dr. Lanselius smiled.

"More likely to get caught," said Lyra.

"That en't the same, is it?" she said. She was more nervous of the bear now than when she had seen his anger.

"Yes, leave that too. Look in during dinner to trim it, will you?"

"I made it myself in Nova Zembla from sky metal. Until I did that, I was incomplete."

"And does your uncle Lord Asriel have any plans for you?" said the other lady, who was a Scholar at the other women's college.

She woke up when the motion of the sledge changed. It was suddenly smoother, and when she opened her eyes there were passing lights dazzling above her, so bright she had to pull the hood further over her head before peering out again. She was horribly stiff and cold, but she managed to pull herself upright enough to see that the sledge was driving swiftly between a row of high poles, each carrying a glaring anbaric light. As she got her bearings, they passed through an open metal gate at the end of the avenue of lights and into a wide open space like an empty marketplace or an arena for some game or sport. It was perfectly flat and smooth and white, and about a hundred yards across. Around the edge ran a high metal fence.


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